We are all just making stuff up

Oluwole Oyekanmi
2 min readSep 29, 2017

Before my sojourn into tech, I used to have a lot of discussions with friends (business grads) and colleagues about different startup ideas. In hindsight, I believe those ideas were not so great. But back then, we believed the ideas were awesome. Why didn’t we execute you might ask? We got the business part figured out but tech was an issue. Developers were relatively not so affordable. They were even hard to come by.

We arrived at the conclusion that getting the business to run was the easy part but building and finding the right tech talent was the hard part and is the hindrance to starting a tech business.

Fast forward a few years and now, I work in tech. I even taught myself how to code. You would think my ‘problem’ has been solved. But another problem arose. Interacting with tech people and I still have a similar conversation. But now, tech people believe the tech is easy but the business is hard. According to tech bros, building it is the easy part — and MVP can be shipped in a weekend but who’s gonna sell it? What’s the market potential? Who are the customers? etc

Now, I’m here in the middle looking at these two groups and concluding

Everyone is making things up and no one knows what they’re saying

Either of this group believes the other is more important when starting a tech business. This is what I have learnt from the above story everyone is just making up stuffs as they go on. There’s really no formula that works 100% of the time.

We’re all just trying our best and getting lucky.



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